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Serving Our Community Since 1983

Serving the Alaskan Community Since 1983

Did you know that Jackie’s Place has been in your community for a very long time serving you with family traditions that stand the test of time. Janice has taken over and has been doing a great job just like you would expect at home. She has worked at Jackie’s for 23 years. She has owned the place for 12 years, before then it was her mother JJ, and Janice has been running it strong keeping the family tradition.

Our Promise to You

Most days, Janice can be found at the restaurant working hard, as usual, ensuring we retain the most loved dining establishment, or in the office planning her next big thing, all the while keeping a watchful eye over the heart of the business.


100% Courteous

We were taught when we were small in the family to be courteous, let us make your day with family values.


Fair Trade

We make sure that family money goes the extra mile. Our prices are made just for you.


High Quality

Quality and Service is a must at Jackie’s. We pride ourselves in our family environment that you are now part of.


Always Fresh

Food just doesn’t taste perfect unless it is fresh. Here at Jackie’s your food is fresh and hot.

Only The Best Quality of Love

The reimagination of Jackie’s Place has welcomed an organic space reflective of Janice’s family inspired cuisine. The interplay of textures and color bring new life and vibrancy that embraces the restaurant’s place in the dress circle of Anchorage, Alaska. An ode to her mother JJ, from the vast tiled floor to the new leather seats, every detail from the ground up has been thoughtfully considered to make you feel at home.

A new era for Jackie’s Place gives an opportunity to fulfill even greater aspirations in delivering the most personal and immersive dining experience.

Our Team

Both Janice and Jackie’s Place are supported by a longstanding team of passionate staff. The new incarnation of Jackie’s Place brings an exciting change; a chance for the team to create a more personal dining experience for our guests, underpinned by a generous dose of humble hospitality and a sense of understated luxury and family goodness.

Naim Nizam

Naim Nizam

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Naim Nizam

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Naim Nizam

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